Polaroids, anyone?


The OneStep2 is the first ‘real’ Polaroid camera we’ve seen since the brand’s recent resurrection in the hands of The Impossible Project. It’s a modern re-imaging of the original, which is now a cult classic that goes for hundreds of pounds only this one has a few handy modern features, and costs just £110.

There’s something unmistakable about the way this camera looks and it’s not just because of that familiar multicoloured logo on the front. There’s a sloped back, a simple cut-out for the viewfinder, and a big of slot at the front where your photos are spat out. In all honesty, this is an awkward camera to hold, with the front-facing power button forcing you to adopt a claw-like grip that’s in danger of obscuring the viewfinder. The giant pack of film slotted into the front is at fault here.

Coming to is functionality, a switch flips the film holder open, so you shove the pack home until it locks into place. Flip the cover back and you’re good for eight shots of colour or mono film. On the downside, these packs aren’t cheap. Right now, an eight-pack of colour shots will set you back £18.

Now for the exciting part, each photo slides out of the front of the camera with a mechanical whirr but you’ll have to wait a couple of minutes for the photos to properly develop. How your pictures will look is unpredictable. But then, isn’t that the whole point?

The new Polaroid is a little bit awkward to hold, and the ‘unique’ photos it takes are more arty than accurate. If it’s quality you’re after, a Fuji Instax is still your best bet. For the sheer fun factor, though, this model is distinctive, takes some of the biggest instant photos around, and is undeniably simple to use, if you can stomach the cost of film, the camera itself is a pretty reasonable first step into instant.