Bitcoin faces severe price blow


In just a matter of two hours, Bitcoin saw a severe drop in price, falling down by over $1,300. Having being the most dominating cryptocurrency of the year, Bitcoin has had an epic run last year and was predicted to enjoy the same in 2018 as well. However, this price drop has been the most drastic of all. While the price of cryptocurrency is unpredictable, investors around the world are taking cautious measures to salvage their damage. The sudden price fall can be attributed to the increasing demands of altcoins among investors, which is surging in price this year.

Wattpad raises $51M in venture funding

Wattpad – everybody’s favourite reading/viewing and storytelling app has managed to bag $51 million in venture funding. The Canadian based start-up plans to invest money in buying tech equipment, particularly machine learning technology that can identify stories that are ‘trending’ and worth revisiting. Wattpad experienced a growth of over 40 per cent in 2017 and now has a massive 65 million followers with 400 million story uploads. The venture has successfully built a community for story lovers and story tellers alike by providing opportunities to new and upcoming writers that want to make a mark in the industry.

WhatsApp takes measures to cut back span content

Though WhatsApp is not popularly known for updating its app, the messaging service is eager to curtail spam content. The app is currently testing a new update that alerts users in case they have received spam messages. This initiative will help combat false news or chain messages that have already been forwarded multiple times. Many users have been complaining about fake news being propagated over the popular app. Social media websites have also been facing criticism over spreading false news that may have influenced the US Presidential elections. It’s no wonder the app is taking measures to eradicate the spread of false news!