For Saif, acting came as a rescue

Saif Ali Khan's New Year's resolution is being a better actor... in English. The actor opened up about his career and life recently and said, "One of the reasons why I got into films, unfortunately, I'm being honest, is because I wasn't interested in my exams and academics, and I just ran away from home thinking 'Oh movies sound great'. But I didn't really know what I was talking about. So, this desire and this understanding of acting came a bit late for me," he added. The Omkara star even said, "I think I will be a better actor in English because I'll know when I'm lying, whereas in Hindi, I've never said to a girl ‘aapki aakhein itni khoobsoorat hain' (your eyes are so beautiful), so I don't know whether that sounds genuine or not, I'm not used to saying that."