Priyanka opens up about her biggest dream

Priyanka Chopra was recently invited to deliver an annual lecture for a publishing house and like always, the actress gave the audience a little to take away, a little inspiration and some hard-hitting facts. Talking about being fearless but also flawed, she said, "My father used to say, 'why do you want to fit in the glass slipper when you can break the glass ceiling?'. But I never wanted to find any glass ceilings and smash them. All I wanted was to become the best version of myself and smash the obstacles that come my way. But the glass ceiling exists and I hope by sharing my experiences, I can motivate you all to aim higher. I reached here by being fierce, fearless and flawed."

On leaving behind a legacy, the Barfi! star went on to say, "I always have the same dream that manifests into different things, and my biggest dream is to leave behind a legacy."