Steven Spielberg

Major leaguer

Steven Allan Spielberg, the man known for his exceptional film-making skills, was born on December 18, 1946, in Cincinnati, Ohio. He developed his love for film-making during his childhood that eventually led him to becoming one of the most successful Academy Award-winning directors. His prominet work includes films like E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, Bridge of Spies, Schindler's List, Catch Me If You Can, The Color Purple, Saving Private Ryan and Lincoln. In the year 1994, Steven co-founded the studio Dreamworks SKG, which was later purchased by Paramount Pictures in 2005. He became one of the youngest television directors for Universal in the late 1960s, wherein a television film, Duel, provided him with the opportunity to direct for the cinema and he never looked back again. As a director, Spielberg has delved into various genres making movies based on primeval fears such as Jaws, as well as Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T. where he expressed childlike wonder and has also dealt with literary adaptations in films like The Color Purple and Empire of the Sun.