Rang De Swat to beautify Swati walls

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The Tourism Corporation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (TCKP) and the Culture Department have joined hands to initiate a rather interesting project named Rang De Swat to give visitors and locals a refreshing take on the valleys, ethos and culture by making the walls of district Swat colourful and vibrant. The project has been kick-started to add more beauty to the picturesque valley of Swat by adding splashes of paint and patterns throughout the walls of its bazaars. Famous painters, artists, graphic designers, teachers, students and members of the civil society from the KP province have been requested to be a part of the project and paint various walls of the district as part of the culture-loving initiative. Patterns prepared by students and experts of fine arts departments from the province are to be painted across the designated walls with the objective to bring to the fore the customs and values of the province’s culture.