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Workable tips from seasoned bloggers to amp up your writing whiz

Are you on the verge of becoming a blogger? And at the same time want to be a successful one? Well, you are at the right spot. In the following lines, every week, we will take all wannabe writers on a quick ride to the world of successful bloggers who eat and breathe blogging. But first, some tips from team MAG… here you go!


Are you one of those who thinks blogging is a piece of cake? Well, it is high time that you keep the facts updated. Here, we jot down a list of questions that you need to ask yourself before becoming a full-time blogger.

1. Do you really crave writing? If you wanna be a full-time, successful blogger say yes. After all nothing should come in between you and your passion for writing.

2. How much time can you take out for writing? Here is a piece of advice – be true to yourself and avoid making excuses. Take out a chunk of time every day or be specific with your time slot. All you need to do is mark your attendance each day at work aka your blogging desk.

3. Do you want to earn money through blogging? We don't want to discourage you in the initial phase, but the harsh truth about the craft is that the desired results are at annoyingly slow pace. So, if your goal is to earn money from blogging then you have to put in constant efforts and ample time to hit the right notes. If not, then let it be.

4. What is your niche? It is advised to write on specific topics and be clear in your approach. Instead of writing on general topics, try coming up with interesting ones that are sure to hit the mark. Otherwise, there is no need to waste your time with meaningless, run-of-the-mill topics.

5. What will be your posting schedule? It is a proven fact that internet users are very fickle-minded. With a plethora of reading material, blogs and what not available at their fingertips, keeping the readership intact has become like climbing a mountain (more difficult than this, believe me). So, if you do not want to lose your readership, be constant in your approach and weave your posting schedule around the readers’ demands, and your topics too.

Will meet ya next week with some mindful and meaningful tips. Till then… bye!

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Happy blogging!