Coffee Museum, Dubai


Coffee is a crucial part of the Middle Eastern heritage for centuries; however, Dubai’s heritage district, Al Fahidi, has welcomed the country’s first ever dedicated coffee museum. This unique hangout spot welcomes visitors with user-friendly explanatory information around the structure and introduces them to the variety of coffees produced, available and sold around the world.

Coffee Museum can be found located when roaming around the inner alleys and villages of the sun-baked, sand-blasted Al Fahidi, popularly known as old Dubai, and has quite a humble façade which looks more like a domestic villa, as it was once upon a time.

The structure welcomes one through a small entrance leading towards the museum’s tiny gift shop. But after stepping inside the central courtyard, one finds a two-tier maze of adjoining rooms and majlis, packed with fascinating artefacts and souvenirs. The museum is a treat for a heritage buff, for it strikes a rather vintage Arab feel to it.

The museum’s aim is not to just showcase locally made coffee; in fact, their objective is to display high quality coffee from around the world and highlight the history of regional and international coffee using Dubai’s eye-catching platform. The museum kick-started with a small number of coffee artefacts, tools and utensils used to make and drink coffee, which are quite an eccentric sight for those who love anything vintage. The museum has been created in Dubai and inspired by those located in Portugal, Italy, Russia and the Netherlands, and boasts several European coffee exhibits in the Middle Eastern region.