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This kid proves why writing a leave application is too mainstream

All those who’ve written leave applications as students would know the pain of using the ever-so-formal vocabulary and beg for a leave in return. This kid, however, tells us not to follow the norms and instead schools us on how to sing a leave application to your teacher instead.

Be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, social media timelines and feeds went in a frenzy after singer and humanitarian Shehzad Roy, shared the video showing this little boy sing out a letter to his teacher asking for a leave, contents of which include the punctuation marks too and the video has since then gone viral. Hilarious! Isn’t it?

Around Town
A musical amalgamation of East and West

American guitarist Timothy Todd Shea and Pashto singer and rabab maestro Shahid Malang, along with the winners of the National Youth Carnival singing competitions, enthralled the audience at a concert jointly arranged by the Tourism Corporation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (TCKP) and the Directorate of Youth Affairs, which was attended by a large number of youths and families. Shea, who hails from Maryland, USA, and is running a worldwide charity under the name of Comprehensive Disaster Response Services for the people living in the disaster-affected areas of Pakistan.