Letters To The Editor

“Who is wise in love, love most, say least”
– Alfred Lord Tennyson

More animated movies

It is upsetting to see how people consider animated movies to be meant for children, particularly the ones made in Pakistan. The audience of movies like Teen Bahadur consisted largely of children and only a handful of grown ups, which is a disappointing imbalance. About time we understand that animation is not solely for children and that a grown-up can very much enjoy animated movies like Up and Baby Boss too. I would also urge our national film-makers to put more effort into making animated movies boasting a storyline that could connect both adults and kids. Not only would it help them increase their viewership but would also help strengthen Pakistan’s animation industry in the long run.

Allia Jahangir,

Educate child labourers

Child labour is one of the most pressing concerns of this country which demands our prompt and serious attention. Numerous kids of school-going age are seen selling balloons, newspapers etc. on roads or providing a helping hand in workshops or small restaurants. They are the kids who would always remain where they are, living from hand to mouth, if they do not attain education and aspire to be better things in life. Imagine all the potential that is waiting to be tapped in these little workers but slowly going to waste. Not only should education be made easily available to such children but some part-time work should also be provided so that they can provide for their families while gaining education for a bright future.

Tabassum Sadiq,

Bring more positivity

I would like to congratulate MAG The Weekly for the interesting interviews every week. Not only do they provide us information about our favourite stars but also bring to limelight the unsung heroes of Pakistan and everything they have done for our country. These interviews help restore our faith in humanity, adding positivity to our daily lives. I would encourage you guys to publish more interviews of people who are doing something for the country and making us proud abroad so that they get the deserved recognition for their work.

Salman Noor,

Raise better humans

The recent events of child abuse in the country have got me thinking how we should invest our time and resources in raising better human beings. These children would make the adults of tomorrow so we should teach them to respect their opposite gender, own their mistakes and discourage insolence in them. More essentially, we need to demonstrate what we preach so that they could watch and learn from us. Teaching them empathy and embedding a strong conscience in them is one way of ensuring security for the generations to come. For only when we change ourselves can we bring change in this country.

Saad Akbar,
Rahim Yar Khan

Proud Pakistani

Pakistani talent getting recognition abroad for their hard work and talent is indeed a moment of pride for us. Artists like Saba Qamar and Ali Zafar are real gems of the country who bravely chose to take their talent across the border and make their names in the world. Watching them win or getting nominated for major awards is our victory. We are proud!

Ahsan Khan, Karachi