Decoding Casual Wear

While we’re all in for silk ties and imported tuxedos, we simply can’t denounce our love for casual wear. Though tricky to pull off, you can still manage to look sharp with some old fashioned jeans and t-shirts. Since casual dressing eludes street wear fashion, you won’t have to worry about compromising on style with comfort. Here are a few pointers you ought to keep in mind while dressing it down.

Less is more

When opting for a pair of jeans, stick to materials that are not overly frayed or ripped. You are also better off without any exuberant design details that are too sparkly for your own good. While it mostly comes down to personal preferences, a slim fit pair of jeans is bound to look great with every outfit. Apart from the traditional blue, you can also add a classic black or white pair of jeans to your wardrobe. Make sure the pair coordinates well with hoodie jackets, tailored blazers and t-shirts for extra measure.

Get yourself a classic sports jacket

Sports jackets are often undermined because of their leather counterparts. Throwing on a blazer or an edgy sports jacket is the perfect way to take your casual look to the next level. Plus, you can choose from an infinite number of patterns and colours. This is also a safe way to add a bit of uniqueness to your wardrobe, adding to your signature style.

Beware of over-tailoring

When dressing smart casual, chinos are a good bet but be wary of over-tailoring. Similar to blazers, chinos are better off neutral or you could go against the norm and add a pop of colour. Opting for a proper fit is just as important for gentlemen as it is for ladies. So when in doubt, keep the bottoms dark and well fitted.

Leave the trainers at the gym

When it comes to footwear, you can typically get away with a lot of things. Boots, sneakers, tasselled loafers are all safe options. Opting for unique details and bold tones are an excellent way of ensuring people that you’re not wearing your work shoes. Casual sneakers and slip-ons make the perfect fit for less formal occasions. Most important of all, keep your trainers at the gym! We’ve always moved past this trend so it’s time you get creative.