Brush It Off!

  • 03 Feb - 09 Feb, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

With myriad of brushes gracing the beauty scene, the art of make-up has become all the more confusing. Can’t decide what that angled brush is for? Fret no more! MAG comes to your rescue to help you make sense of all those differently-shaped brushes.

Powder brush

Probably the only brush all females are familiar with, the brush is full and fluffy, designed to gather maximum powder and spread it evenly on your skin for a seamless finish. Opt for a natural look with powder brushes!

Foundation brush

This tool helps with the smooth application of foundation on your skin but the magic lies in its quality; a high-quality foundation brush can buff the product in your skin to give it a more natural look while a wrong brush can make your face look all cakey, which is a definite no-no from our side.

Stippling brush

Another set of bristles which can be used for a creaseless application of base. Its light tip ensures you achieve the final, air-brushed look with a swish of the wand…er, we meant brush.

Concealer brush

This small brush is perfect for precise product application. Use it for spot correction of specific areas but you know the drill: pat the concealer and not blend it to attain a flawless finish.

Angled blush brush

The slanted bristles enable an effortless brush of rouge to your cheeks. Its angle is half of the trick, the rest lies on how well you do it. Brush it and blush it off!

Angled brush

Its sharp, angled bristles can easily flush along your lash line, allowing for a smooth application of liner. Achieving those killer winged eyes have never been easier! The bonus? It also helps to fill in brows for a fuller look. Throw in some thick lashes and voilà, you’re ready to slay!

Contour brush

Mark our words: you cannot contour without this magic wand. Its firm bristles and an angled tip helps target areas that requires some subtle sculpturing. Sweep it against your cheekbones for some sharp yet soft toning.

Blending brush

Evenly diffuse eye shadow in the crease of your eyes with its fluffy bristles for a soft, blended look or use it to blend highlighter on your facial bones for a glam night out; it’s all in one!

Smudger brush

Looking for a sultry, smokey look for a Saturday night out? Sweep the smudger brush to and fro lightly to soften your liner and bring out the darkness from the corners. Apply some glittery silver to your eyelid for an added oomph and thank us later.

Lip brush

Don’t just don on that killer lippie directly but use the brush to achieve a precise pout! A lip brush does not only ensure a perfectly-lined smile but also reduces wastage. Your fave shade might just last longer now.

Eyeliner brush

Just as much as we love angled brushes, we can’t deny the perfection that can only be achieved using an eyeliner brush. With a pointed tip, this brush helps apply liner with a marvellous finishing. Forget the days when putting a passably good liner took multiple attempts. It’s a failed proof!