Live out your Game of Thrones fantasy

  • 03 Feb - 09 Feb, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
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Just when you were told to wait another year for the season finale of the decade’s most popular TV show, it is time to rejoice as you can live out your Game of Thrones fantasy at this wonderful hotel made exclusively for the fans of GOT. The hotel is completely sculpted using ice to honour the show watched around the globe, as the intricate design comes as part of Snow Village of the Lapland Hotels in collaboration with HBO Nordic, who has built this fantasy world as a shout-out to the drama, in Finland.

The hotel has rooms designed by sculptors from Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Latvia, followed by a sports, a life-sized iron throne with swords, a Hall of Faces, an ice dragon, as well as a white walker with bright blue eyes. For fans, who aren’t bothered by the harsh cold weather, can pay a visit to this fantasy land by paying £13 and if they want to stay there for the night, they will have to spend around £147, which is just the starting price. Located in the Finnish Lapland which lies in the north of the Arctic Circle, the unbelievable joint can be reached from the country’s capital, Helsinki.