Nimra Khan Lovely Kid!

You can see her making an effort to emote! That’s a definite positive for the cute Nimra Khan.

I won’t say that this likeable girl is a good actress as yet, but she is talented. In one of the scenes, in the last episode of Alif Allah Aur Insan, when she sat in the courtyard of a dargah, waiting for the young peer, played by Meekal Zulfiqar, she seemed totally in a reflective melancholy. That means she can concentrate, which is the key to all make-belief. That’s half the job done!

In Chhoti See Zindagi, this lovely girl put the zing in the dull life (and dull acting) of Shehzad Sheikh. Javed’s son has, since then, also improved in Alif Allah our Insan. But, is there a possibility that the second half of the serials, these days, won’t turn out to be a ‘great fall’? The script is getting predictable, and downright foolish.

Let go of hackneyed line!

When the mother of Meekal Zulfiqar the young peer meets this young girl, Nimra, she immediately embraces her and says that the moment she saw her, she knew she was made for her son! Didn’t she say the same thing to his first dulhan (Kubra Khan), who ran off with her first love?

Come on man, an experienced mom won’t make the same quick judgment again! At least, get some sense into the hackneyed line, for heavens’ sake!