Sahir Lodhi – Minor Offence!

WELL, he didn’t give Babar Badshah or anybody a great rushing onslaught in the battlefield, but he is surely a veritable icon in anchoring a show since long. So, when the PEMRA authorities issued a legal notice to Sahir Lodhi for his morning show, glances were exchanged in the showbiz community. Is this a sign for times to come?

Despite some of Sahir’s antics in his show, one can’t imagine him getting a qanooni chit for misbehavior or misconduct. So, what did he actually do? Bring a performing bear in the middle of an interview with the president or something?

No. They are saying he makes underage girls dance on film songs in his show!

Actually, somebody has put in a darkhwast in the court to stop Sahir’s show because the dance muqabla of young girls in his show is causing incidents like the one in Kasur recently. So, Lahore High Court has ordered the PEMRA authority to take action against Sahir’s show.

Hmmmm…! Dancing with the wolf, isn't it?