Punjab Naheen Jaoongi – A Killer Combo

The final analysis says that the combination of a good story, meaningful heady dialogues, powerful acting, fine production values, and a good direction has done the trick! Humayun Saeed, a really intelligent producer and a 21st century publicist has continuously delivered two big hits in Lollywood to prove that our industry can be revived with visionary planning!

In the Fifties and Sixties, our cinema was flourishing because of visionary producers like Anis Dossani (Chand Aur Chandni & Chhotay Sahab), Nooruddin Kissat (Gharana & Bano Rani), A. R. Shamsi (Aaina & Bandish) and others. They were all famous businessmen. Most of our film producers were industry insiders like Sajjad Gul and Shabab Kiranvi. In most cases, they didn’t compromise on good content, beautiful music, some fine acting, and nice enough direction. If great writers like Riaz Shahid, Hasan Tariq, Ali Sufyan Afaqi, Hazeen Qadri, Saifuddin Saif and others survived in the industry, it was because we gave the script central importance. Humayun realised this, and selected the best there is: Khalilur Rehman Qamar. The man proved it by running his non-soap, issue-based serial on life in a locality, titled Love, Life & Lahore for more than 200 episodes.

With a highly-talented writer and a level-headed producer getting together, the film, Punjab Naheen Jaoongi (PNJ) proved to all and sundry that a massive hit could be fashioned in Pakistan!

With a crisp 50 crores in the bag, and counting, PNJ looks a true champ anywhere. We hear Humayun and Qamar are signing another one together. Good luck to them for winning more for our industry.