Saleem Afridi & Kashif Khan – Two To Tango!

Epigrammatically funny, I’d say! In the theatre lingo, that’s some clever jugat-bazi! I Laugh merchants, Saleem Afridi and Kashif Khan have merged stage and TV show interestingly, though they do take lots of liberty! Of course, that comes with the package in the comic interview format, titled Hazraat!

Saleem Afridi, a senior stage hand, and famous stage and film comic, Shakeel Siddiqui were in Lahore with their team, in the penultimate month, last year. They had a great performance in Punjab, and crowds cheered them hugely. Shakeel also frequents the show as one of the hosts.

To save the program from vulgarity and obscenity, and retain its good content and pun fun, the makers should approve a script that would be closer to TV than commercial stage. The show had some good episodes with Shafqat Cheema, young film star Abeer, Danish Nawaz etc. Further improvement is in order, which will make it more acceptable to all audience.