Gaming enthusiasts are often snubbed for their obsession with HD graphics and long hours in front of the console. Fret not; we’re no one to judge! Here are some super cool gadgets that are sure to profess your love for gaming.

Super Mario Question Block Light

Navigating a room after a late-night gaming session is a sure-fire way of getting bruised toes. Spare yourself the pain with this Super Mario gadget. Once it’s powered up via microUSB, you’ll be in for a surprise. No, not mushrooms – it’ll turn into a lamp, guiding you safely back to bed.

Numskull Crash Bandicoot Crate Mug

This throwback mug of Play Station’s old mascot is the find for ‘90s kids, providing a dollop of nostalgia every time they crave a cuppa. But be sure to remember that smashing this dolomite mug won’t gain get you an extra life – just a scalded leg.

Wireless Gaming Headset

Most gaming headphones priorities audio over comfort, but what good is high-fidelity gunfire when your ears end up red and raw? The Arctic 7’s Air feel like you’ve strapped feathers to your lungs, without sacrificing sound quality – plus the Clear Cast microphone means your rants can be heard with impressive clarity.

Customised Lab Controller

The game industry is just as bad as Batman when it comes to colour schemes: they can’t think of anything other than black, white or sliver, Fortunately, Microsoft is now letting customize our own Xbox One controllers. All we need now is to be given creative powers over Xbox’s exclusive game.