Credit card details of 40,000 customers compromised, admits OnePlus

Over the past few weeks, many OnePlus device users have reported about credit card fraud on popular social networking site, Reddit. Customers claimed that it’s possible that OnePlus’ payment system may have been compromised. The company began investigation after the reports and put an end to all credit card payments on its website. OnePlus has admitted that as many as 40,000 users may have been victim of account fraud as a result of a major security breach.

Rotational 3D printing comes to life

Harvard researchers have introduced a new technique called “rotational 3D printing” that offers improved strength to the materials it prints. The process utilises natural products such as wood and bones that possess microstructure to provide resistance against damage. However, replicating these properties have been a challenge. The process is carried out by altering the speed and rotation of 3D printer’s nozzle which allows it to build micro-fibers into objects. Researchers have found that controlling the position of the fibers can drastically improve the final strength of the product. For now, experts are excited to test a variety of materials for the extrusion printing method.

A car with no steering wheel to be launched next year

Next up, Chevrolet Bolt is working on the dashboard of the future: a car with no steering wheel. This new ride is set to come out next year. The vehicle is set to be the “first production-ready vehicle” that will be able to operate on its own without a driver or manual controls. Currently, the brand has reached out to the U.S. Department of Transportation to exempt the car from safety rules that usually demand control. If permission is granted, the vehicle will need to be tested somewhere. However, not having a steering wheel can lead to a number of problems, especially if the vehicle were to get stuck somewhere along the way. In this case, remote control might be the best option.