60 Seconds With Ainy Jaffri

The biggest perk of being me is being able to travel and visit new and exotic places, meet interesting people from around the world and get acquainted with new cultures.

Best part of the day for me is when I get up in the morning, have my tea or coffee and catch up with the news or emails. I'm usually alone at that time and really enjoy the solitude during those early hours.

If stuck on an island, I would explore!!!!

The last photograph I took was with these great kids, ninth and 10th graders who are going to be competing in a competition wherein I’m a mentor.

Life for me is love and experiences.

Best memory to-date for me is meeting Roald Dahl while at school in Singapore.

Best vacation memory of mine is when I climbed lion’s heads in Cape Town during our honeymoon and overcoming my fear of heights.

My beauty philosophy is to be proactive rather than reactive.