Who wants to live in this incredible Airbnb house made entirely of LEGO?

  • 10 Feb - 16 Feb, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Mag Files

Your childhood dreams have just come true, as Airbnb has recently unveiled a brand new listing for a house made completely out of LEGO bricks. Made from 25 million bricks of LEGO, this quirky home is located in Billund, Denmark. Perfect for a die-hard buff, this dream home screams everything LEGO, from the decor to the furniture, as well as the house cat. This two-bedroom residence boasts some really amazing furniture. Kids are going to love being surrounded by its colourful decor which includes a bed kept right in the middle of a LEGO brick-filled pool next to a 'waterfall', as well as a LEGO teddy bear, story book and games next to the nightstand. While adults can have the time of their life by staying in another room, which also features a LEGO pool, with eccentric finishes like a brick newspaper and serving tray for meals.

The LEGO home turned into a tourist attraction in the Danish town of Billund, but visitors couldn’t previously spend the night at this marvellous house. But after Airbnb’s collaboration with LEGO for a ‘BRICKtacular Night At experience', this house is now open for visitors to spend their night at this eccentric abode, which gives one family a chance for an overnight stay.