Rehan Sheikh – A Man for Big Things

From the beginning, he had his own style – a sort of chap who kept his individuality alive through his non-acting expression – a local version of people like Marlin Brando and Jack Nicholson. Now, he is to make his movie debut in his own vehicle, called Azad. It took Rehan Sheikh much more than a decade to climb up to the ziggurat of the big screen. Almost too long. But, he showed his celluloid mannerism in quite a few of his roles on the cute box. In meaningful hit serials like Sanjha and Sadqey Tumharey, he played different characters. Specially in the former, his brutally selfish role of a small Sindhi businessman from the interior was astoundingly brilliant. Similarly, his feudal role in Sammi, where he forces a rural girl into being Wani, brought him accolades from all over the country. In Azad, Sanam Saeed is the lead with him and Salman Shahid is doing an important role. One of the past greats, Kishwar Sajjad will appear on the silver purdah after quite a while. Nimra Buccha is another attraction.