Naaz Norouzi Look at Her!

She surely is something to look at! The Iranian girl, who is a famous Indian model, is now appearing in her first Pakistani movie, Maan Jao Naa, which opened recently. Well, that’s quite an Asian tour for one so young. Probably, if our makers start sending our films to India (they already used to screen our co-productions in Asian countries thanks to SAARC in the 80s!), then she’ll be well-known in that part of Asia, too. But, as for her expressive calibre, we’ll have to wait for that to be proven. Hajra Yameen, the other girl from the drama channels is known more in that category. Let’s see. She’s starring opposite a singer, Adeel Choudhry, so that’s no big challenge for her. Pretty Ms Norouzi donned Pakistani fabrics and walked the ramp with Adeel last year during Fashion Pakistan Week 2017, so, she is quite happy with the attention. According to her, she now speaks Persian, Urdu, English and German languages.