Mathira clears the air with her Instagram posts

Just days after she blasted media outlets for running news of her divorce, TV host/actress Mathira has confirmed the same in a series of Instagram posts. Mathira married a Punjabi singer Flint J in a private ceremony in 2013. Recently, while speaking to media, she hinted that her marriage is in trouble but pleaded for privacy and said she was shocked that TV channels and online publications are claiming that she spilled the beans about her personal life. The actress has now left no room for speculations after posting a string of Insta messages directed at her ex.

Jawad Bashir has some Chattkhara in store

The rise of digital content has increased over the last couple of years and web-series can tackle issues and stories that aren't represented in mainstream media. Jawad Bashir is apparently inspired by the same medium and is coming up with his exclusive web series Chattkhara. "I noticed that all over the world, web is the most active medium while in Pakistan, not much attention is being given to it, at least not as much as it deserves. So I thought I should take the initiative and show that professionals have taken web on and it's something that should be done to compete with the rest of the world," shared the film-maker.

Pemra is not happy with morning show content

Pemra has issued a notice to all satellite TV channels, which comprises directives from the Islamabad High Court regarding the regulation of morning shows' content. The notice reads, "There are serious complaints which are a matter of great concern for all the families that different channels through morning shows are involved in spreading indecent content and is against Islamic and cultural heritage of Pakistan."

Without specifying the names of the offending morning shows, the notice further states, "PEMRA is directed to submit report in this regard and take immediate steps to prevent telecast of such content and if any channel fails to follow the latest instructions, penal action may be taken against the channel."