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Treasure Trove Shumaila Bhatti does it again

M. Moiz a.k.a Shumaila Bhatti has come up with yet another hilarious video in which he uses the cutest cat filter as he, or rather she, explains how she almost got harassed by a man at a bus stop once and how she fought with him. The video comes at the right time when women are protesting for equality and against sexual harassment globally. It is something you can learn from and laugh at, at the same time.

Around Town
Farida Qureshi’s flagship store

A leading name in couture and ready-to-wear fashion, Farida Qureshi opened her new flagship store at Zamzama, Karachi amidst ecstatic friends, designers, socialites and photographers, who were all praises for Farida's masterpieces.

The beaming designer showed the guests her latest collection of exquisite clothing and jewellery. Most of the pieces were impressive block prints over cotton silhouettes and intricate embellishments over chiffon, pure silk and more formal wear.