Take the city in stride with Boho Chic

Bright skirts with long sweeping silhouettes, willowy loose blouses, printed head scarves, earthy jewellery and flowing manes of hair... if you ask what Bohemian style is like; it’s a breath of fresh air.

An exotic alternative to the conventional fashion amidst us, Bohemian style or “boho chic” is reminiscent of the bohemian culture itself; the lifestyle of the unconventional and free-spirited. Long associated with artists, intellectuals and writers, it is the most fuss-free and casual style type, which keeps pace with every new era of fashion. Needless to say, Bohemians are never out of style! They are the lovers of the loose, long, colourful and avant-garde. Flaring dresses, silk maxis, blouses with fringed accents, brimmed hats and headscarves, intricate lacework, distressed denim and galore of paisley prints are staples in a Bohemian wardrobe.

We already see you digging these looks. Here is the cheat sheet to dress boho chic:

Relaxed and Oversized

Oversized, relaxed and roomy silhouettes are the go-to style to ensure you look amazing at every waking hour of the day. If you are choosing flared pants, pair it with a fitted shirt or vice versa. Proportions should be the focus here; you don’t want to dress all loose or dress too snug. Make sure you wear your outfit, not the other way around.

Accessorize right

The rightly paired accessories go with boho chic like cherry on a cake! A pair of retro glasses, a statement necklace, a knotted printed scarf around your neck or a nice handbag adds that flair to your outfit and fetches that eccentric look. But stick to the golden rule; less is always more.

In the layers

Layering makes all the difference here. Different lengths, fittings and textures play key ingredient in delivering the most quintessential boho chic vibe. Remember, it is not about how many pieces of clothing you can put on at once; it’s more about adding the right volume to achieve the look. Combine snug and loose clothing right, layer it with a jacket or a scarf around your neck.

For the twirl and sweep

Can you even do justice to Bohemian style without adding some twirl and sweep? Bring your boho chic look to life with a flaring skirt. Opt for a solid colour or go for the printed and loud; turn around one more time for the onlookers eyeing your floating skirt.