A man’s Best friends

Here are few things you can gift to your guy friends and family with the surety that it won’t lie in some corner of their house collecting dust.

Watch it!

A decent watch will hands down remain the best article to gift a man on any occasion. Not only will he highly appreciate this present, you will also get the satisfaction of seeing him wear it around. A particular brand he said he’d be buying from later? Yes, go get that for him girl.

Customise that wallet

Most men are usually happy using a single wallet all around the year (quite literally), but it’s time you get them a nice, new wallet for a change. Many renowned local brands allow you to customise the wallet by embedding the person’s name or initials on it. Add another personalised touch to the gift by stuffing a letter addressed to him in the wallet.

Cufflink the corporate slave

If he is a corporate slave, he’d probably be very fond of accessories that add to his office mannerisms. Opt for cufflinks that are minimalist in design, so that the recipient can wear it to any occasion. If he is fond of collecting Parkers, get him a nice pen to complete his collection.

Movie night escape

Now there is no dude out there who is NOT fond of watching movies. Book tickets to any upcoming movie you guys were really excited about and plan a movie night.