Juhi upset with contemporary Bollywood?

Juhi Chawla delivered a rather hard-hitting speech on women empowerment recently. At an event in Hyderabad, India, which was attended by over 200 women, the actress said, "Women don't need more empowerment, they come empowered from heaven," and continued, "When you want something to be said, tell the man. When you want something to be done, tell the woman." The Ishq star further stated that she was ecstatic to see so many women working in the film industry, be it as photographers, cinematographers, directors or actresses, as such wasn’t the case earlier.

Drawing a contrast between the working style of her days and today, Juhi said, "Today, everything is scripted and comes on a platter. Today's actresses are much more groomed than us. They are much more exposed to cinema than us. But they face so much more pressure and have to gain a firm foothold to survive the competition. It is not easy to make a mark, though they may have the perfect body, hair, etc. They still need to work hard."