No more holiday home for Shraddha?

Recently, there were rumours of how Shraddha Kapoor and her family have been hunting for a dreamy holiday home in Goa. Now, the grapevine is that the actress has dropped her plans of investing in a property in the beach state. Shraddha and her family had nearly finalised a scenic bungalow near Vagator Beach, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, the Kapoors have put that plan on hold for the time being.

A friend of the actress revealed, “Shraddha and her family had almost finalised a beautiful, spacious house near the beach. Later, it turned out that some of the paperwork was faulty. Eventually, the person they were dealing with told them that it wasn’t his house. It belonged to his girlfriend and she wasn’t keen on selling it off, so the paperwork had to be immediately stopped.”