‘If art has to flourish it needs freedom’

Nandita Das feels that it is very dangerous that some self-proclaimed custodians of culture are talking about what is right and what is not. She opened up, saying, "Larger censorship issues are coming up now. If art has to flourish, it needs freedom. The whole concept of a censor board and to censor films in itself is faulty. How can a handful of people decide what all of us as a nation want to see? They are actually undermining the audience. They are belittling you (audience) by saying that we know what you should watch and should not watch. If we are not going to fight for our freedom, who will?"

Talking about her next project Manto with Nawazuddin Siddiqui, the actress-director shared, "Manto defined himself as a human being beyond the identities of nationalism and religion. He was a big champion of free speech and fought many battles. He wrote stories that were raw and truthful. He had a deep conviction and that gave him a lot of courage.”