How to start a blog in 9 easy steps

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Hello folks! Here we are with some blogging tips from a seasoned blogger Amber McNaught (@foreveramber) on how to start a blog in 9 easy steps. Catch some of them for your own good.

For now, we are assuming that you’ve chosen Bluehost as your web-host. Your next step should be installing WordPress and this is where you get to create your blog.

6. Dress up your blog

So, you’ve got WordPress successfully installed on your new hosting account, but that installation probably doesn’t look like the glossy, magazine-like blogs. It is because it has a generic theme generated by your blog platform. You can change that to whatever you like: where you find your theme will depend on which platform you’re using. If you’re prepared to pay a bit more, a quick Google will find you tons of ready-made and custom templates.

Now it’s time to add your own logo and branding – the things that make your site look more personalised. It doesn’t have to be expensive: you can choose to pay someone to create a logo for you, but you can also create one yourself, using any graphics programme.

7. Set up your menu, categories and homepage

Your blog categories are the various different subjects your blog covers, and come handy when organising your content. For instance, my blog has separate categories for fashion, beauty, lifestyle and blogging. It’s advised to choose just a few categories to put on your blog’s menu (you’ll set this up through the “Appearance” tab in WordPress). These are the main topics your blog will cover, so it’s important to choose them well, and make sure each category is something you know you’ll be able to write a lot of content for.

8. Start creating content

Finally, after all of those steps, you can start creating content! Start off by creating an “About” page, or writing a short introductory post to let readers know who you are. After that, the world is your oyster! It can be really disheartening at first to be writing content which no one is reading, but if you want readers and followers, there has to be engaging content and that is up to you! I would recommend creating a dedicated “About” page, so that visitors to your site will know who you are, and how to contact you.

9. Promote, promote, promote!

Congratulations! You’re now a full-fledged blogger. Now you just need to pull people towards what you’ve written… and figure out a way to earn money from it, if that’s something you´re interested in. Now bad news is that working out how to start a blog was the easy bit but taking a brand new blog and growing it into a business – or even just something people will want to read – is hard. Like, REALLY hard! The good news, however, is that there’s plenty of help out there, should you need it.

Until then, keep on reading this column regularly to discover more blogging tips that are sure to grace these pages in the weeks to come.

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Happy blogging!