Ingvar Kamprad

Major leaguer

Ingvar Feodor Kamprad was born in Pjateryd, Sweden, on March 30, 1926. He attended local schools and studied business in Goteborg. He founded the global Ikea empire in 1943, using money his father gave him for chores to register his mail-order business.

At 17, he registered mail-order business in household goods, calling it Ikea, formed of his initials and those of his farm, Elmataryd, and village, Agunnaryd. Over the next seven decades, Kamprad built Ikea into the world’s largest furniture retailer – an archipelago of more than 350 stores in 29 countries across Europe, North America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

The Swedish entrepreneur who became one of the world’s richest men by turning simply-designed, low-cost furniture into the global Ikea empire, recently died at his home in Småland, Sweden at 91 years of age.

Source: The New York Times