‘Sonic Eye’ for the visually impaired

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A device named Sonic Eye has been invented by a student in Peshawar to help visually impaired individuals in the easiest way possible.

Hifza Jamal, a 23-year-old student has named her unique device Sonic Eye, which is like a stick attached to a completely functional system of navigation which helps in identifying the path and objects individuals encounter on their way. The system possesses a sensor that radiates frequencies in a cone shape. Whenever an object or a person comes in front of the cone, the Sonic Eye immediately alarms its user to be vigilant. This also lets the user scan an entire area in front of them in order to find a clear path and move forward.

Inventing this device was Hifza’s final year project, which she completed with her colleagues’ help and did a great job indeed, as the project did not just get her recognition but also became a source of hope for the visually impaired people.

Hifza takes all the brownie points for this amazing invention!