A solid gold trophy weighing 6.142kg made its way to Lahore on February 3, 2018, marking it to be an occasion like no other. A part of FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour, the trophy (a composition of two human figures holding the globe above them) is on a trip that started from Russia. The country is set to host the football world cup this year in June. Travelling 126,000km in nine months, the golden classic will make a stop in more than 50 countries spreading across six continents.

A nation that has a massive football fan base was set in a frenzy when news of the trophy making its way here broke out. A delegation of 16 Pakistanis, including media representatives, along with the Pakistan National Football Team joined the Tour in Chiang Mai, Thailand to receive the trophy and brought it to Lahore, for a day, where it was unveiled in a ceremony where thousands thronged to get a peek of the most prominent sports emblem.

The original trophy’s current design dates back to 1974. However, being the priceless symbol that it is, it can only be touched and held by a select group of people which includes former winners of the FIFA World Cup and Heads of State.

As per the regulations that the original trophy cannot be won outright, the winning team gets to temporarily keep the original trophy, and is then awarded a gold plated replica with the year, host country name and name of the winning team engraved on it.