Well, Marhoom had a sudden death. The health was quite robust, and nobody suspected such a quick end. But, more importantly, it was a phusphusa end. I don’t know what causes this premature demise of a popular TV serial? Or who causes it? Is it the nosedive of the commercials during the breaks, or the writer runs out of the creative ink? I never understand such jaldbazi in wrapping up a serial. And, moreover, why doesn’t it happen to dull serials like Natak? A well-followed serial like Daldal should not have been dealt like this. No doubt, haste was at the core of its midriff, too. At several junctures, it almost fell off, but just when, the protagonist’s supposedly dead Khalu(Ahson Talish) was discovered living in Britain as a drug lord, and things could have enlivened it, the serial was ended abruptly! I am sure the writer was under pressure to kill the serial for some reason. According to current trends, it now had the potential for, at least, 10 more episodes. Yeah… that’s today’s commercial quicksand for you.

Remarkable! – The Finest of Mid-February

Queerfish, some of them! But, even the best of the biz circuit are sometimes at their wits’ end how to sum up the situation. This mid-Feb, they are surely dishing it out. Glamorous actress, Iman Ali has announced her own production. “I will write the film’s script, and I will play the lead.”Arrey bhai, who can deter you! But, please don’t write it in a hurry. Otherwise, who’ll be able to understand it? The owner of Bari Studios, Khurram Bari (Late Bari Malik’s son), recently complained: “If theatre is not saved today, it will also collapse, like our film industry.” I can very well understand Bari Sahab’s anguish, but what do the Ajoka Theatre people put in their plays that they are always playing houseful then? “American producer, Neilberg will make a musical drama on my life, and we have signed a contract, recently, in America,” guitarist and singer, Salman Ahmed said last week. Iss se bara drama tou waqai koi naheen ho sakta! I hope it turns out well. “I plan to run for election from the pedestal of PTI.” Meera’s mother, Shafqat Zehra Bukhari announced. “And my daughter, Meera will run my campaign. ”Ah! Surely, if that first announcement was not exciting enough, the second one is definitely a recipe for success. Happy campai-aig-aigning! “I am coming out with a tribute to Nisar Bazmi Sahab, soon!” said pop singer, Tanvir Afridi. Well, Bazmi Sahab is waiting for it breathlessly. More later!

Boring Serials What Else is New

Who writes such drab drama serials? And can’t production houses see through them? There are literally dozens of listless and boring serials going on for months on end, which neither have a following, nor are they demoted. Stories are non-existent, and dialogues make you plug in MP3 players. Of course, the whole thing is self-defeating, this continuous ghareloo drawl. How many shahkars can you give from love triangles? Literally, since Humsafar, which was a long time back, there have been just a dozen or so top-digit serials. Nothing more. Can you name serials of the calibre of Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Udaari, Khani, Aseerzadi, Simmi, Shayad, O Rangreza, Qurban, Baghi, Daldal, and Alif Allah Aur Insan? How can one bardasht such serials as Aik Pal, Sun Yara, Khuda Aur Mohabbat, Naatak, Aisee Hai Tanhai, Silsilay, Tumhari Maryam, Kub Mere Kehlaoge, and many others. Even among the good ones, quite a few dive so drastically that you can look for them in the delta. For instance, O Rangreza, an excellent serial at first, died in the middle, when Naumaan Ijaz and Sana were having a torrid affair. Thankfully, it managed to rise to the surface just in time. Yaqeen Ka Safar, if not for a good climax episode, had almost sunk. Aisee Hai Tanhai hardly rejuvenated throughout due to complete lack of twists. Daldal, despite a very good cast and subject, lost lustre for two to three episodes in the middle due to bad characterisation. In Baghi, with excellent Saba Qamar doing a great job, the climax episodes suddenly lacked punch. Shayad, a seemingly psycho mood, looks ready for a sudden flattening out. So on and so forth.


Ourgirls are really being wooed by the Indian silver.After Mahira Khan, Sajal Aly, Saba Qamar and some others, khubsurat supermodel, Sadia Khan has now been signed for an Indian film, according to her, with a big banner, opposite a famous hero. Sadia, a girl with pen-crafted, chiselled features, has been a model and sessions girl for quite a while now. She has just begun to act in drama serials. Not yet such a great emoter, she is learning fast. She has a melancholy face, and such artistes are usually picked fast, and burdened with roney dhoney ke roles. But, to her credit, she isn’t doing awkwardly, as some of the others have done. Her career as a model has been pretty okay, and her jewellery shoots come out exceptionally well, what with her peach complexion, and golden paint. Wish her all the best in Bollywood.

Sajid Hasan A Real Mess!

Going through that video would take an effort. If you didn’t click it to a stop first, then you’d know what an ordeal it must have had been for the enterprising actor! When the camera takes a top view of Sajid Hasan’s head, such a horrendously deep gash stares you in the face, that only thinking about what could have caused it would make you shudder. It’s as if a mini bomb had been set to explode on his head in a kidnap for ransom or something! Sajid’s hair transplant experience turned out to be a bitter fight for survival. “At first, I kept on avoiding hair transplant,” he tells us in the video. “An associate of mine, who became a friend in the long period we passed together, kept on asking me to try, for once, a hair-piece transplant. In dosti yari, and bhai bandi, finally, it came to the point that I agreed to try it!” And then, all hell broke loose. Sajid fell seriously ill. He got bed-ridden, and had a terrible time. And then, when the concerned party (can’t be any pun intended!) insisted he must have his surgery, the result was this big gash that has left Sajid unable to trust anybody anymore!