• 17 Feb - 23 Feb, 2018
  • MAG’s Editorial
  • Beauty

Held at the gardens of the British Deputy High Commission, TONI & GUY’s showcase of the global hair trends in Pakistan was an evening not to miss. Organised by hair expert Saeeda Mandviwalla, – CEO Essensuals Hairdressing Karachi – the hair show was attended by the crème de la crème and socialites of the cosmopolitan.

The star-studded event welcomed international stylists, Gary France and Max Lamparter, who came to Karachi and worked with Mandviwalla and her team to make this event possible. The two used their expertise to prepare models for the evening and made their pro cuts and colours cast a spell on the attendees.

Despite the hits and misses, the exclusive affair was a laudable feat and you can definitely take some hair inspo and experiment with the winning looks, but... AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Here’s what we witnessed at the quirky, trendy hair showcase!


1. Amna Ilyas’ wild perm was the highlight of the evening, as the supermodel-turned-actress rocked it like a pro. It was Saeeda who gave her this temporary perm by reducing the length of her hair and creating textures with mousse.

2. Fayeza Ansari’s jagged short locks was another daring look of the show. Her hair was tamed by Gary who gave her the messy, uneven look using his pair of magical scissors. No one could have done it better than Gary France himself!

3. Perfect for a dinner date or a night out with your besties, this not-so-fussy sleek look accentuates one’s facial features and flawlessly compliments those with a killer jawline. This is a hit for us!

4. This might look a bit too unusual with all those hair accessories taking centre stage, but we rate this look a 7 on 10 for its intricately tied fishtail braid. You can, however, skip the humongous hair pieces to simplify the look.


1. We probably don’t dislike the hair as much as we disagree with the hair colour. The look is a miss for us, as the bangs and messy waves don’t do much to accentuate the model’s facial features, maybe not right for those with a broad jawline. But those with a slimmer face can probably rock this look. For now, it’s a miss!

2. We wouldn’t even wish an enemy sporting this look. The hair has been highly treated with a not-so-flattering orange(ish) hue that does nothing to accentuate the model’s face cut who possibly was in for a surprise. This is a look more suited for punk rock artistes, so we don’t see the trend making waves in Pakistan.

3. This is possibly the worst look of the day, for the red is just too much and doesn’t gel with the bangs and shoulder-length tresses. Trust us, do not try this at home!

4. With all due respect to the hairstylists, this look is a complete failure in Pakistan, unless someone’s too experimental and daring to sport this hairdo. It’s just the colour that might work on certain complexions, but for now, we say NO to this look.