Fashion(ed) Filigree

Let’s fall in love with formals... all over again!

Being on a style high is like surfing in troubled waters sometimes for there are challenges along the way; given the fact that today’s fashion is all about trying out eccentric cuts and levelling out proportions. To master the art of flaunting a balanced look, get familiar with the idea of controlling proportion of your separate pieces.

You need a good eye and imagination to know how they would look together before you have worn them; if you go for volume in your pants, make sure the shirt is either short, or has a straight cut with no flare. If you opt for a heavy shirt then keep the pants tapered – the same rule goes for fabrics and designing. With a brightly hued and heavily embroidered top, keep your trousers simple to avoid the clash in terms of colours and patterns and to attain a clean and visually appealing look.

Give your gharara pants a little twist by adding lace and ribbons while your mundane old pants can become interesting if you introduce stud, stones, or pearls to them.

Edgy hemline and sleeves are in, so keep experimenting with them. Try fringe hemlines, and bell sleeves for a change. For a touch of luxury, opt for fabrics like velvet and silk and complement your silhouette with pearls, gems and stones to attain the look of a true royal beauty. If you want the overall silhouette to be soft and feminine, floral prints and embroidery on pastel shades are your best bet.

• Hair & make-up: N-Pro
• Coordination: Umer Mushtaq
• Designer: Attire By Bushra Wahid
• Photography: Yellow Jacket
• Model: Zhalay Sarhadi