Letters To The Editor

An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one.
– Charles Horton Cooley

We need more quality films

So far, Pakistan has managed to produce a handful of films this year. But unfortunately, none of them have managed to raise the bar of Pakistani cinema except the new animated Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor. In my humble opinion, writers and directors should collaborate to produce better quality films in the future. We also need to focus on bringing in new themes to excite the audience as everybody is tired of the same old love stories and mundane clichés. It is worth noting that good quality films will also inspire future animators and film-makers to explore the topics based on emerging issues. We still have a long way to go so let us hope that Pakistani cinema will exceed expectations and will release some good quality movies this year.

Maham Anees,

Use pedestrian bridges

People put their lives at risk and cross roads in the middle of on-going traffic, instead of using pedestrian bridges. It is certainly a disappointing state, as not many citizens know the basic rules of traffic, which should be a matter of concern for them, as it is them at a loss when an unfortunate accident takes place. Pedestrians crossing in the middle of a busy road also tend to put motorists at risk, who are possibly more vulnerable when driving. Citizens need to understand that overhead bridges have been constructed for them to cross the road safely without having to worry about their life and should, therefore, be used properly. According to a report, an estimated Rs. 260 million has been spent on constructing overhead bridges, and since they aren’t used by citizens, it is a waste of public fund. On the other hand, traffic personnel should also keep an eye on pedestrians and ensure that they use overhead bridges whenever possible.

Ali Moin,

For the love of books

The literature festival in Karachi is among the most celebrated events of the year for literature enthusiasts. It is amazing how youngsters from all around the city gather to celebrate the love of books. Over the past few years, such literary events have mushroomed around the country, giving writers the opportunity to express themselves and promote their work. Schools and colleges should encourage their students to attend literary festivals to inculcate the habit of reading and appreciating books. Hopefully, this new wave of literary festivals will rekindle the love for literature amongst our youngsters.

Sheza Asim,

Ride hailing apps increase fare prices

Ride hailing apps have made it easier for people in Pakistan, especially women, to commute around the city without having to worry much about their safety. Most people, despite having their own conveyance, now prefer using ride hailing services to commute comfortably, while many now depend upon their availability. However, over the past couple of weeks, companies have surged prices, making it difficult for people to afford their services. As a result, a number of their customers who would use these apps for daily commute now have to rely on other, more affordable means of transport to get to their destination. Therefore, I would like to request ride-hailing companies to reduce their fares and make their services affordable for people belonging to every social class.

Falak Naz,