Is Alia looking for trouble?

She is all set to star with Ranbir in Brahmastra and it looks like they are growing increasingly fond of each other, as per sources. “He had a long relationship with Katrina Kaif, and then a brief growing friendship with Pakistani actress Mahira Khan. He was pausing for a breather but Alia’s presence has kind of rattled him. Alia, too, is getting over a heartbreak with Sidharth Malhotra and is in a vulnerable state at present,” a source revealed and added, "There is definitely friendship between them."

Another source has shared, “Hearts have been broken around him. He has wooed, loved and unfortunately parted ways with the women he has been involved with. Some were ready to set aside their careers to set up a home with Ranbir. He simply moved on… and now it’s Alia. If she’s really getting close to him, she’s looking for trouble. She’s going to get hurt real bad.”