I Am Thunder
by Muhammad Khan

With dreams of becoming a novelist and a passion to write, 15-year-old Muzna Saleem’s only hurdle are her controlling parents. The book is about how far a person can go for what they believe is right in this young adult debut novel by Khan.

Rumi's Secret – The Life Of The Sufi Poet Of Love
by Brad Gooch

Gooch, an acclaimed author of Flannery, City Poet and Smash Cut, delivers the first much talked-about biography of Persian poet and spiritual saint – Rumi. The book is beautifully penned and comes out as a bold and compelling story of the thirteenth-century poet and devout Sufi.

The Only Story
by Julian Barnes

The book is a profoundly moving novel by one of the greatest fiction writers. In this novel, Barnes tells the story of a guy whose life, as he grows older, surrounding his love and relationships takes him places he’s never imagined.

Mind Platter
by Najwa Zebian

This book is a blend of reflections on life from the viewpoint of a student, educator and a person who has experienced her early days in quiet. It talks about topics we bump into during our daily lives – love, hurt, friendship, respect, inspiration, integrity, motivation, honesty and much more.

Why Wall Street Matters
by William D. Cohan

This volume is a sharp and timely reminder of what the actual good certain institutions do and the awful consequences on the public for the crucial role they tend to play. It is more of a counterintuitive defence of the big banks and Wall Street, for the invisible engines they are.