Ataul Haq Qasmi

Witness Box!

It’s Qasmi Kahani again! All burdened with several main cases against the Sharif Khandan, and slightly bowed on the one side by the sizeable bojh of the zimni cases, Chief Justice Saqib Nisar also picked up the suo moto notice of Chairman PTV, Ataul Haq Qasmi’s case!

Well, Qasmi Sahab, being a fine fiction writer and known columnist, was a regular feature in PTV’s much-appreciated show, Khoey Huon Ki Justuju. He added lots of entertaining value to this show. Since I see this show regularly, I didn’t get any inkling that he was pre-occupied or under pressure due to his official problems. It was too sudden to hear that he had to leave. But, the Chief Justice has asked for the original document of his designation, his decade-old record in office, and his tax files for the last five years.

Magar aakhir kyun?

The reason is that Chief Justice noted that his medical kharch is over 3 lakh, his travel bill is 10 lakh, and he had been given a sleek Mercedez. Under entertainment, he spent 24 lakh in two years. Ex Federal Minister, Parvez Rasheed told the court that he had recommended Qasmi for the post of Chairman PTV because of his finest job as the head of Alhamrah Arts Council Punjab. Ex Secretary PM, Fawad Hasan Fawad said, “We did not appoint him the Chairman, because we had only the powers to designate him as the director PTV.” Chief Justice said that this case should be given to NAB.

Well, it seems Qasmi Sahab is no Kaka Manna, is he!