Syed Noor & Saima

What Separation?

Late last week, a news item sent shockwaves coursing through Lahore, as it was pouring moosla dhar in the night that Syed Noor had pronounced the T-word thrice to Saima. With the new wintry air in the old tinsel town, the biz sleuth tried to get some convincing word on the rumour, and rushed to the nearest computer cafe.

It turned out that the celebrated pair of Lollywood had dismissed the false news, and that they were very much together. They had released a video to answer one web TV channel, which had claimed they had separated. “No separation,” they said with one voice, what to talk of the T-word! “We will remain together all our lives, and this was false alarm!” said Syed Noor. “I am very sad. We are khush-o-khurram, and will remain so in future, too”. Uh-huh! Fake news, making more inroads into the bizworld. Well, all’s well that ends well.