Tech Review

Nearly perfect

GoPro’s Hero action cams have long been the first call for extreme shooting and with a host of new features including 4K, this one’s the most heroic yet!

The GoPro Hero6 really looks no different to the Hero5, but that’s no bad thing. The rubber finish means it’s unlikely to squirm out of your hands, it’s compatible with any old brand accessories that you may have. The good thing about HEVC, the camera’s codec, is that it compresses files so they don’t balloon to micro SD-destroying sizes. But the downside is that it isn’t supported by some software, or by older phones and computers. With the new action camera now supporting HDR photos it’s actually not a bad still camera.

This model uses the same batteries as its predecessor, which is handy if you have some old ones to spare. If you’re taking this GoPro on a day out, you might well need them its more demanding shooting modes drain the battery quite quickly. The new GP1 processor is responsible for most of its new tricks. You can now record 4K at 60fps (rather than 30fps on the Hero5 Black) and 1080p at 240fps. This helps create dramatic slow mo cuts that make you look about 200% cooler than you really are. The dynamic range is good and colours are rich, particularly with the Protune setting enabled. Low light performance is impressive for an action cam, if not totally without grain in gloomy scenarios


Even if you don’t need to shoot reels of 4K video, this action camera features improved image stabilization, low-light powers and overall quality that makes it a tempting proposition over the cheaper predecessor.