Aijazz Aslam

  • 30 Sep - 06 Oct, 2017
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Aijazz Aslam

Oct 03

Aijazz Aslam is one of the most beloved model and actor. He made his modelling debut in 1989 but it took him sometime to garner attention and praise in the field. After working as a model, Aslam made his acting debut with the drama serial Kashkol in 1993. Some of his most famous dramas include Kahan Se Kahan Tak, Khahish-e-Benaam, Dharkan, Mehndi, Hum Se Juda Na Hona, Main aur Tum, Kabhi Na Kabhi and Piyasi to name a few. Aslam is also a designer and his sherwani collection is one of the best in the country.