Death predictions could not save a psychic boarding an ill-fated flight

  • 24 Feb - 02 Mar, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
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In the wake of the tragic Russian plane crash, an interesting story has surfaced. A psychic; who was amongst the 71 unfortunate passengers who died in the plane crash, apparently predicted his own death but somehow misread the warning signs.

Ilya, 33, misinterpreted the visions he last saw in his crystal orb, which were a virtual forecast of the AN-148 Russian plane crash. The mystic assumed that the spirits were warning him to cancel his birthday party when he reportedly got visions of a large number of police officers in a snowy field; foresights that turned to reality days later when the plane crashed.

Investigators believe the tragic crash of AN-148 was due to the instruments that were frozen and showed inaccurate readings during the flight. The plane crashed into the snowy field which Ilya had predicted.