Letters To The Editor

If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.
– Napoleon Hill

The Unforgettable Asma Jahangir

It is incredible how many fiends this woman garnered in her illustrious career as a lawyer, activist and a voice for the voiceless. Many wanted her dead. Many wanted her gone. But Asma stayed abreast of all the wrath and rebuke thrown her way, staying distinguished and loud amongst the sea of haters. In the end, she did embrace death, but it was not at the hands of tyrants but her own heart. As Asma was laid to rest, the masses mourn the demise of a fearless fighter who was in constant war with the oppressors. People like Asma are one in a million; decades will go by but we unfortunately may not find someone that matches her valour.

Urooj Ahsan,

Literature Festival’s in the city

KLF 2018 was an educating and fun affair. Like every year, the literary event was attended by renowned names in literature and art and welcomed a huge crowd from the city. Everything the event offered was near to perfection. However, this time, I found KLF having a very Karchi Eat-esque vibe. The presence of food stalls and kiosks add life to any event, but here it seemed the event was all about making long beelines to the stalls and a lot of pushing around. The food was tad bit overpriced too. The event however was a stellar success as usual. But I hope food stalls will not add chaos to the event, from next year. Let it remain a literature festival and not a food fest!

Mawra Akram,

Indus Canyon-Swatch declared Marine Protective Area

Marine protective areas are water bodies like seas, lakes, river and oceans which are legally protected to restrict human activities for a conservative purpose.

The Ministry of Climate Change in Pakistan recently declared the Indus Canyon-Swatch as a MPA. The Indus Canyon-Swatch holds great ecological importance as an essential breeding ground for crustaceans, mammals, corals, whales and other marine animals. This is a huge step towards conservation of the biodiversity for the nation. All concerned authorities and individuals and the WWF Pakistan deserve a vote of thanks.

Salma Mehmud,

The Scam of Online Shopping Pages

Most of us rely graciously on online shopping on different websites and social media pages. The popularity and dependency on “getting everything online” has many perks along with alarming drawbacks. It has opened doors to new avenues of scam and fraud. Many new online pages on Facebook and Instagram have emerged that have tricked buyers in different ways; either by taking advance payments and not reverting or by providing cheap quality products that are often very different compared to what the buyer was shown or promised. The worst part is there are no proven ways to recover such payments, and if there is any law, it has not been successfully enacted. It is requested that the concerned authorities dealing with cyber crime take notice of the emergence of such websites and online pages. Customers should also be aware of dealing with such pages which appear suspicious and dubious.

Rehana Kashmir,