60 Seconds With Kompal Iqbal

Kompal is an actress and model who began her career in showbiz with modelling and television commercials, and has also acted in dramas like Janey Kyun, Inteha, 100 Din Ki Kahani, Zindagi Tujh Ko Jiya and Shehrnaz to name a few. She remains on top of her game, following a dedicated fan base accredited to her charming demeanour.

The biggest perk of being me is that I get to travel and discover new places, as well as being surrounded by my family and not waking up early, for I’m not a morning person.

Best part of the day for me is 5pm, I love evenings and the sunset, as it makes me feel fresh.

I am currently listening to any good song with good beat, but particularly By Your Side by Jonas Blue.

If stuck on an island, I would enjoy every bit of my time there.

The last photograph I took was at Valentine’s Day dinner with my mom & sister.

Life for me is a challenge.

Best memory to-date is when I got my bachelors degree.

Best vacation memory is from my best friend’s wedding. It was an amazing trip to Dubai.

My beauty philosophy is to be a true, honest, kind, loving, and most importantly, a happy soul.