Hayat’s otherwise passionate speech lacked passion, actually

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It’s time we stop celebrating certain artistes for what they aren’t – good orators!

Being called a badass feminist by listicles is what our female celebrities relish upon nowadays and why they need such validation anyway, is a million dollar question. It isn’t their straightforwardness that’s in question; rather it is them overdoing it in the process to get their viewpoints across. One can quote the example of Mehwish Hayat who recently addressed students at Queen Mary’s University, London and became a very good case of the notion that only a pretty face won’t get you fame in the international circles. The actress was seen ‘reading out’ a passionate speech, while flashing all her acting skills in one go that surely was not welcomed by many. Her stance on a ‘man’s world’ was so fake and cringey at the same time that one wouldn’t want to believe if such thing really did exist. A lack of eloquence while she spoke was so evident that she would wait for her audience to laud for a rather bland statement put forward by her. For now, let’s not talk about the lack of eye contact, enthusiasm, genuineness and easiness here.

So Mehwish, with that superficial not-so-celebratory speech, you’re not helping any woman here!