• 03 Mar - 09 Mar, 2018
  • Omair Alavi
  • Reviews

Rehan Sheikh makes his film debut with Azad showing to the world that when the intention is good, the product will come out even better. The film may be too slow for the likes of some but for those who waited for months to watch a film, Azad comes out as a proper movie. It has wonderful songs, good direction and a story that caters to all those who want to do something in life but are not free to do so.

Azad revolves around the life of a famous RJ named Danish who prefers to use Azad as his Radio name. His wife left him, he doesn’t get the liberty to do something he wants at work and above all, his friends want him to think like anyone but himself. However, he continues to give advice to the world about freedom until it is about to be taken from him. His ex-wife’s brief return also makes life difficult for him and he ends up Azad – free of responsibilities, commitments and everything else.

Rehan Sheikh’s direction must be commended here for he comes with out of the box ideas (for the local audience), improves his characters as the film moves ahead and doesn’t keep the film on his character alone. Many of his friends make cameo appearances while the music keeps you intrigued – be it the soundtrack or background score. The best part about the movie is that all the actors do justice to their characters be it Salman Shahid, Sanam Saeed, Sabreen Hisbani or Nimra Bucha. It is films like these that will take Pakistan’s film industry forward because they are far better and mature than the half-baked romcoms we have these days. •