Mehwish Hayat


Sty-lies?! Probably, too strong. No! But, sorry, can’t curb that exclamash, by Jove! The Ishtyle moorti people really pulled a Houdini on bechari Mehwish Hayat, when she wasn’t even considered for her top hit, Punjab Nahi Jaungi (PNJ). Of course, Mahira is good, too, but, I mean you’ve got to give credit where credit is due.

It’s really unfortunate that even after starring in three big hits back-to-back, Mehwish is still considered a glam-bam actress.

While listening to an early-morn discussion on Geo’s show, I nodded uncontrollably to the views of the hosts. I had known about it, but only came around to reflecting on it, when I listened to the talk. Being a big fan of Mahira, I still think Mehwish wins hands down this season. Mahira did well in Verna, but Mehwish was definitely more wholesome in PNJ, let’s face it.

After Mehwish left TV for the cinema (good choice, it turned out to be), she literally ran up to the top of the stairs in the last few years. Specially, Actor in Law and PNJ did much for her latest status. Resembling Iman Ali in stature and glamour, she turned out to be a much better actress.